Heavy Metal Detoxification Using Oral Chelation

Oral Chelation is a step in the process of cleansing the body of contaminants. The word Chelation is derived from the Greek word chele, meaning claw. In the oral chelation process, the chelation agent bonds with other chemicals and minerals. When hemoglobin binds with iron to produce oxygen, it is a process of chelation. During the Second World War, scientists developed the synthesized chelation agents. They created a heterocycling cirle of molecules, which would surround the mineral molecules and naturally eliminate them from the body.

The process of oral chelation is a great cure for lead poisoning. And it does not stop at that. The oral chelation process helps in cleansing other toxins, chemicals, calcium based plaques and mineral deposits from the blood stream. Oral chelation has also proved highly beneficial in cases of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.

Doctors and researchers believe that the oral chelation process will soon become the most sought after and effective process for detoxification, helping the severely and chronically ill patients. Modern research has led to the creation of a new PCA-Rx oral chelation, which effectively combats physiological toxicity. Oral chelation lowers the heightened enzyme counts in the liver and mercury levels in children with autism. In oral chelation a chemical compound called chelete is given, usually intravenously. The compound attaches itself to the toxins and pulls it off the cell towards elimination from the body. During this process however, the toxins are not neutralized. And often, in the process it carries away essential minerals out of the body.

These limitations are overcome by the process of oral chelation. The clathration therapy is resorted to. Here, the clathrating substance encircles only the required toxins, in a three dimensional complex and neutralizes it, to prevent any harmful affects when it comes in contact with other tissues, and then carries it out of the body.

Oral chelation is preferred to its I.V. counterpart nowadays, for people who do not require immediate and prompt action. Oral chelation is effective as it prevents the formation of blood clots, thereby reducing the chance for a heart attack, lowers blood cholesterol level and reduces lipid per oxidation, which is one of the main causes behind atherosclerosis.

Oral Chelation is best used for flushing away heavy metal toxins from the blood stream. Many of us, have such metals, like mercury fillings, lead or iron. These substances cause major health hazards like cancer and heart disease, as they are stuck in tissues like the liver, kidney or even the heart. It so happens that a free radical often after encountering one of the metal elements, results in creating millions of new toxic radicals, which start moving freely in the blood stream. If often goes a long way in damaging the actual structure of your DNA.

The chelation process helps in preventing the free radicals being exposed to the toxic metals. However, during a heavy metal detoxification program, you should stick to a diet rich in proteins, since the amino acids help in detoxification. If you are not having at least two or three bowel movements per day, you should increase the intake of psyllium.

Mercury detoxification can be done by consuming large amounts of cilantro and garlic, to increase the sulfur stores. A few crushed cloves can also do wonders for mercury detoxification. Cilantro helps in mobilizing mercury and moving it out of the tissue, so that chlorella can be attached to it and get flushed from the system.

A multi vitamin supplement can be very beneficial since it contains all essential minerals, and develops a healthy mineral base. If the body lacks minerals like zinc or magnesium, it would not release the toxic metals very easily.

Oral chelation is highly preferred nowadays, as it is ideal for patients who do not require emergency treatment. It has the same results as its I.V. counterpart, except that the speed of detoxification would be much slower.